Are Hirers vetted and security checked?

Before any Hire Vehicle is hired out to anyone, the following security measures are taken to verify the Hirers identification and credibility.

We require from each Hirer:

  • Online automatic Drivers License verification
  • Towing vehicle comprehensive insurance policy
  • Proof of age to be 25 years or above
  • Photos of Towing vehicle tow hitch set up and towing capacity
  • $1000 Security Bond
  • Signed Hire Agreement

We also do:

  • Vehicle registration checks and Hirer address validations during the confirmation process

AND for added peace of mind:

  • NO driver under the age of 25 is permitted to tow/hire any of our Caravans/RVs unless prior approval is given by the owners
  • All Hirers MUST have comprehensive insurance on their towing vehicle