Bond Refunding

Please note as per 3.3 in your Hire Contract: please allow up to 14 x Days for your security Bond refund to be processed

3.3 ‘Caravan and Camping Hire’ will return the Security Bond to the Renter after deduction of any money due to the Owner under this Agreement, within 14 days of Rental Termination Date.

Refunds are processed immediately by our payment provider. Most refunds occur within 5-10 working days, some card issuers/banks it can take up to 30 working days.
Unfortunately we cannot say how the refund will appear on your statement as all card issuers/banks handle credit card refunds differently, a couple of common methods for refund handling are detailed below:
  • Some card issuers use a reversal and this means that the original charge will no longer appear on your statement in the case of a full refund.
    In the case of a partial-refund the total amount will have the refunded amount removed from the initial charge on your statement. e.g if your hire fees were $500 with a security deposit of $1000 which is a total charge of $1500, when your security deposit is refunded the charge on your card statement may be altered to only show $500 now.
  • Some card issuers will show the refund as a credit on your statement so you should see a statement line of +$1000 in the case of a bond refund or in the case of a full refund +$1500 (presuming your hire fees were $500 and security deposit is $1000). The statement line may vary and may show as a “Refund for Caravan And Camping Hire Australia – Order #####” or it may simply appear as “Caravan And Camping Hire Australia – Order #####” where “#####” is your order number.
If you have any concerns regarding the refund after 10-30 working days please contact your card issuer/bank as the money has been returned to them and they are now processing the refund on their end.