Do Hirers Pay a Bond?


All Hirers are required to provide credit card details at time of placing a booking for both Hire Payments and Bonds

Bond amounts are generally as per below but the owners set their own bonds

  • $500 – Camper Trailers
  • $1000 – Poptops & Caravans
  • $2000 to $3000 – Motorhomes
  • Bonds that hirers are required to pay cover the insurance excess required for Insurance claims
  • Bonds are also used to pay for minor repairs, lost inventory items or cleaning costs
  • Any/All Awning related damages will automatically be paid for from the Hirers Bond. Insurance Claims do not cover Awning Damage

In the case of an Insurance Claim having to be made, the Hire Partner/Owner would be paid the insurance excess amount from the hirers bond meaning that Hire Partner/Owner are not out of pocket in this situation.

There are also strict ‘cleaning inside and outside’ policies in our terms and conditions that state that the Hirers MUST ensure that the Vehicles are cleaned properly inside and outside before being returned otherwise they will forfeit portions of their bond for various non-cleaning compliance. Cleaning requirements also include Toilet, Shower and Toilet cartridge emptying and cleaning