How do I list my RV for Hire?

Step 1: Create your free account/profile by signing up on our website. Either click the “Sign Up” or “List My Vehicle” options from the main menu

Step 2: Select and enter your Username and Password

Step 3: Click the “Apply to a Vendor/Owner” check box

Step 4: Proceed to log in to your Dashboard area and Add your Product Listing, completing all required fields and information for your RV listing. This will also include uploading external and internal photos of your RV. Make sure they are good quality and inviting photos!!

Step 5: Once you have completed your listing make sure you click “Add Product” then your listing will be pending final approval to be published live on the site. Do not ‘Save Draft”

Step 6: Once your listing is approved and published live you can then log in anytime and make changes securely and easily 24/7 through your own dashboard

N.B – You can click “Add Product” at anytime to save your listing in progress and it won’t be published live until we action this at our end

OR just watch the video below!!