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Benefits of hiring an RV


Have you looked on social media lately?

Have you stared longingly at all those people who are posting amazing images of travelling in incredible places in caravans, RVs and campers?

Do you wonder how you can also have some of those experiences, but you are notreally sure if it’s the right lifestylefor you long term?

Maybe you just want a shortbreak, you don’t have room tostore a caravan or camper and you are not really sure if you would use one enough to warrant buying one?

Have all your friends got caravans or campers and go away together with your only option being in a nearby cabin?It’s not really the same is it?Especially if the destination is a free camp at a secluded beach or on the side of a river somewhere, or in a national park somewhere a bit more remote. Cabins are difficult as well if you have young childrenand you can’t be with the groupwhen the kids go to bed.

Hiring caravans and campers is a great way to get amongst the fun, without having to sell your house, or invest in something that you only want to use once a year.

Hiring a caravan, camper or motorhome is also an excellent option to try particular models or set ups before you buy, or to just have an affordable and memorable mobile holiday without the long term investment.

Caravan and Camping Hire are industry trailblazers. They were one of the first companies in Australia to set up as a peer to peer hire company. This enables people who own caravans and campers, but are not using them, to hire them out to others.

This means that families, couples or individuals have the opportunity to hire a caravan, camper trailer or motorhome, while also giving the owners the opportunity to make a few extra dollars for their RVs that are just sitting in their drive way or backyard not getting used.

Damien and Cassie, along with 8-month-old Jackson, from South Australia, recently did just that for their trip from Adelaide to the Finke Desert Race in Alice Springs.

They hired a camper trailer and said “It was a fantastic way to try one out”, before they think about whether that would be the type of set up they might want to invest in down the track.

Cassie said, “At the moment wewouldn’t really use a campertrailer enough to justify the expense. Hiring it was convenient and really affordable”.

“We had no trouble getting a camper for the dates that weneeded, by hiring it we don’thave to worry about storing it at home, where we have a tinybackyard so we don’t have the room for it. We also don’t haveto worry about all the other costs, Registration and insurance, on something wewouldn’t use very often”.

“With work and family commitments at the moment we are not ready to buy our own, but we had such a great time and we now know what we would possibly be looking for when we are ready to invest in our own camper trailer or caravan”.
As an owner of an RV, by registering your vehicle for hire, there is the potential to earn up to $20,000 in hire income each year. This works out to around a 30% or more return on your RV investment.

Caravan and Camping Hire said they know of some owners who have seen the earning potential and have purchased RVs purely to hire them out, kind of like a mobile investment property.