Hiring a Caravan – The Safety Low Down

Making the decision to hire a caravan or camper trailer usually means that you won’t have all the bells and whistles already set up on your vehicle. Or if you are hiring a tow vehicle it may not be kitted out with the necessary safety gear you need to legally and safely tow a van.

Caravan and Camping Hire are the most experienced RV hire company in the industry and below provide advice on what is legally required, and what is available for hire to be fitted to your tow vehicle to make it a more comfortable and safe towing experience, for the novice to the more experienced.


Electric Brakes – do you need them, can you hire them and how can they be fitted?

The answer is yes, most caravans and camper trailers have electric brakes on their wheels and axles unless its otherwise specified on the Caravan and Camping Hire website.

It is a legal and insurance cover requirement for ALL tow vehicles to have either Portable Electric Brake Units or Factory Fitted Electric Brake systems.

Caravan and Camping Hire will provide ALL hirers with the option the hire a portable electric brake unit for just $100 for the hire period. The owner of the hire vehicle will have portable electric brake units and can assist the hirer to fit them and set them up for towing, which will take only around five minutes when you pick up the caravan.