Tekonsha Primus iQ Portable Brake Units (PEBs)

$ 450

Tekonsha Primus iQ Portable Brake Units (PEBs)
We are now selling the best quality and best made PEBs in Australia

Tekonsha Primus iQ Portable Brake Units – $450 inc GST plus postage

A totally proportional electric trailer brake control unit which is self-levelling so no level adjustment is necessary. With its LED voltage display and ALKO stability control compatibility this kit is by far the best solution at this pricing level.

This kit is setup to be used as a portable device with no hard wiring required. Simply plug into your 12v cig lighter socket and run the leads to the supplied 7pin to 12 pin trailer plug and your ready to tow any caravan, camper or trailer with electric brakes.

Boost feature that gives users the ability to apply more initial trailer braking when towing heavier trailers.
It works proportionally in reverse
Removable electrical connector that allows the unit to be quickly stored when not in use.
Digital readout showing voltage delivery to the trailer brakes
100% compatible with ALKO stability control system.

Additional adaptors available on request and are easily changeable via our quick connect plugs.

Package Contents:
1 x Primus IQ brake controller
1 x Power & connection cables
1 x Adaptor 12pin flat female to 7pin flat male (additional adaptors available on request)
Instruction manual

Please note due to being a portable device running 12v power from your cig lighter socket the unit is limited to braking to single & tandem trailers. It is not suitable to operate brakes on a triple axle trailer unless the unit is hard wired as per the manufactures installation instructions.

This product is supplied to allow ease of fitment in vehicles that require a non-permanent installation. All mounting orientation and operational requirements in the Brake Controller manufacturers product manual still apply, and must be followed to ensure safe operation.

Road rules relating to towing may vary between Australian State jurisdictions. It is advisable to check the trailer brake requirements in your state to ensure that you are fully compliant with local regulations.


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